More firms see benefits of copywriting

Financial Copywriter

More and more companies are recognising the business benefits of using a professional copywriter.

I’ve been so busy writing blogs for other people that this is the first one I’ve had a chance to write for my own site this year.

In 2018, I’ve been working almost non-stop for a huge range of companies from blue-chip fund managers, software providers and big four accountancy firms to smaller financial technology (fin tech) firms, solicitors, financial advisers and recruitment consultants.

I have also written many articles for top publications including Raconteur (most of which go into special reports in the print versions of The Times and Sunday Times), Citywire, and The Spectator. In fact, I’ve written more than 20 articles just for The Times/Raconteur this year.

Here are just a few of the topics I’ve written about this year: alternative investments; Islamic finance; banking culture; insurance transformation; peer-to-peer lending; fin tech; pension de-risking; pension transfers; risk management; corporate reporting; chief financial officers and ethics; property law; civil partnerships; and recruitment issues for accountants. Click on the links above to read some of my latest articles.

To discuss your copywriting needs, contact +44 (0)1234 674144 or +44 (0)7400 628980.


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