2017: a great year for copywriting

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If you need a journalistcopywriter or editor who is updating their skills and experience constantly, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve worked with more than 20 companies this year, from small firms to blue-chip multi-nationals – including accountants, banks, insurers and investment managers. The larger ones included Ernst & Young, CIMA/AICPA, Bank of New York, Aegon, Aviva, Allianz and Fidelity.

I recently had a full-page article in a special report in The Times – Hard times at the helm of the Fed.

I continued writing for The Spectator, including How shareholders can help keep large companies in check and Is digital financial advice any good?

Plus, I’ve kept up my great, long-running relationship with Citywire, including New Model Adviser, Wealth Manager and international titles. Favourites from this year include GPFM Financial: ‘We are the Ant and Dec of financial planning’ and Julia Parsons lambasts boozy bar culture of conferences.

I also blogged regularly on financial technology (‘fintech’) issues for Kurtosys.

To discuss your copywriting needs, contact tim@tim-cooper.co.uk +44 (0)1234 826301.


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