Find everything you need to give your communications that extra edge. Whatever type of writing you need and topic you need to cover, I can do it.

Blog posts and other regular web content

Blog posts and other regularly updated web content have become your essential weapon in the battle to attract new visitors to your website and keep them there. They are the best way to boost your search engine rankings.

But research shows that badly written and researched content can make you appear unprofessional and put clients and customers off. I write targeted blogs regularly for many blue-chip companies.

I can write your results-driven content to the highest professional standards, while you get on with running your business.


Do you need a news story, opinion piece, or more in-depth feature? I am a fully-trained, award-winning journalist with 20 years’ experience. So writing news and feature articles is second nature. I have a talent for adapting to subject matter quickly – no matter how simple or complex – and turning it into engaging copy. But don’t take my word for it, read these testimonials.

Web copy

When people visit your website, you have about 15 seconds to start getting your message across effectively. I’m an expert at turning web pages such as ‘Home’, ‘About us’, ‘Company history’ and ‘Meet the team’ into concise narratives that engage your visitors and makes them want to find out more.

Press releases

As a journalist, I know exactly how to write a press release that gets results.

Technical writing

I’ve been writing about technical subjects for more than 20 years – including for many blue-chip companies (See ‘About‘). I’ve covered a huge range of subjects from finance, to accounting, property, technology and many more.

Advertising and calls to action

As owner of a limited company for more than 15 years, I understand that your business needs results and return on investment. Good advertising copy needs to grab attention immediately and keep it while evoking attention, interest, desire and action.

E-magazines and newsletters

I’ve worked as editor of e-magazines for major organisations and can design and create email communications of all descriptions to the highest level. I know what works.

Rewrite existing copy and proofreading

Often the text on a site or elsewhere just needs a thorough edit, to make it more concise, accurate, professional and readable.

Social media

You will be amazed at the difference it makes to your business when you know how to maximise your use of social media. I have done it often to great effect and even written articles for professional organisations about how their staff and members can do it better.


Clients who have hired me to write their brochures have testified that a well-written one can make the ultimate difference between a sale or a fail.

Other documentation

Need to explain clearly how your product or service works, for example, in an instruction manual? I can help.

Award entries

Entering awards can be great for your profile, but entries can be hard work and time-consuming. Let me help you find suitable awards and write your entries for you.

Speech writing

I am an experienced public speaker and can write speeches and advise on how to present for maximum effect.

Please contact me to discuss your copywriting needs:

+44 (0)1234 674144

+44 (0)7400 628980


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